A holistic approach to healing  for
teens, young adults, and adult women


Welcome to a space for compassion, growth, and healing.

I’m Sabrina – Telehealth Therapist and fellow imperfect human figuring out life one step at a time. I whole-heartedly believe that you have the tools inside of you to live your best life and “bloom from within”. There is no shame in seeking support – we all need guidance throughout this wild, thrilling, up-and-down journey. I aim to support you in navigating the highs and lows, while finding peace and joy through each chapter of life. I specialize in supporting teens, Gen Z, and Millennial women with creating a new relationship with the self through a holistic lens using self-compassion and somatic practices.

Turning inward is an act of strength.

Does any of this sound familiar?

When things change inside you, things change around you.

Get Support With:

A line drawing of flowers - a symbol for self-compassion.


A line drawing of a circle. Half the circle has leaves and the other half is stars and sparkles - a symbol for life transitions therapy support.

Life Transitions

A line drawing of hands together and reaching up - a symbol for chronic illness therapy support.

Chronic Illness

A line drawing of imperfect squiggly ovals with four layers - a symbol for anxiety and depression therapy support.

Anxiety & Depression

A line drawing of flowers - a symbol for self-acceptance.


A line drawing of two faces - a symbol for relationship enrichment therapy support.

Relationship Enrichment

A line drawing of a face with flowers growing on it - a symbol for perfectionism therapy support.


A line drawing of half a circle with flowers in it and the other half of the circle is a sun - a symbol for self-harm therapy support.


A line drawing of branches/flowers - a symbol for self-confidence therapy support.


A line drawing of a woman holding a portfolio - a symbol for career growth therapy support.

Career Growth

A line drawing of a woman with her arms hugging herself - a symbol for body image therapy support.

Body Image

A line drawing of a squiggly shape with four layers - a symbol for trauma therapy support.


Together we will DISCOVER the AUTHENTIC you, RECONNECT mind-body-soul, and create a life where you THRIVE.