Self-Acceptance: Going “Live” on Social Media and Being Authentic

Going Live on Instagram or Facebook is scary – like mind-consuming terrifying. I have a shy side and an outgoing side, but let me tell you…the shy side was shaking at the thought of going live. My self-acceptance scale plummeted to a 0 real quick without any awareness to the shift. I found myself staring into the camera for over 5 minutes before I pressed the live button for the first time. When I finally pressed live I talked in a voice that wasn’t my own. I said “so” a million times and I used a filter that made my face sparkle and glow in an odd way. I stumbled on my words, looked to the side constantly at my notes, and talked fast. It was a struggle to be authentic because I wasn’t living in that moment with self-acceptance. But you know what?

I wouldn’t change that first experience for anything. Going live that first time taught me so much about myself and so did the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh time. Every time I went on live I became more more appreciative of myself. If you’re thinking of going live or wondering how people do it, I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned.

Going “live” on Instagram is a great tool on the road to self-acceptance.

1. You are your own worst critic, but you shouldn’t be.

Quieting that negative voice is hard, but no one else is judging you as harshly as you might be judging yourself. Each time you go live practice self-acceptance by literally telling yourself, “I accept you”, instead of being self-critical. Use your notes if you need to. Take a pause and breathe! But most importantly, be kind to yourself.

2. “Messing up” is authentic.

Who cares if you say “so” a million times or get tongue-tied, this is where self-acceptance comes in. You are you and that is what your viewers should see. There is authenticity in stumbling over your words. There is power in being honest and real. You are a perfect example of being authentic, quirks and all.

3. Laughing with yourself is healing.

There is incredible power in being able to laugh with yourself. When you get tongue-tied instead of getting angry with yourself, laugh-out-loud. Don’t turn inward and scold yourself. Laugh with yourself and others will admire your strength and self-acceptance.

4. You are your #1 supporter.

Acknowledging your accomplishments is huge, being proud of yourself is exhilarating, and understanding the greatness you have achieved is important. Compliment yourself for going out of your comfort zone. You DID it!

5. You don’t need a filter to be you.

Check-in with yourself to begin to understand why you want to use a filter. Are you trying to cover up your true self? Feeling self-conscious? Struggling with self-acceptance? It can be scary to go no filter and no make-up, but you will gain so much insight into yourself. There is deep inner work that can be brought to light by asking yourself these questions. The struggle with self-acceptance can be acknowledged and you can begin to heal. You are beautiful the way you are and using no filter is empowering. This is the message we should spread –

Self-acceptance and authenticity.

Going live on social media is an experience that I encourage everyone to do. The first, second, third, fourth, and every time after that can be scary; but, each time you gain more confidence and self-acceptance. You learn about yourself, challenge the judgmental thoughts you struggle with, and begin to understand how much you have to say. You have a voice, so share it with the world. By going live on Instagram or Facebook you not only show others how to live authentically, you strive for true self-acceptance and healing.


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