Congratulations on taking this step towards discovering a more fulfilling, balanced life. Acknowledging yourself and your needs is huge – it’s led you here and I am happy to welcome you. I know it can be overwhelming to find the right therapist, so I hope this information helps you on your search.

Who I Help

I enjoy working with many different kinds of people who are experiencing life’s transitions. For more information on who I help, feel free to check out more detailed pages on the services I provide for TeenagersYoung Adults, and Ambitious Women. If you are interested in exploring if we are a good fit please reach out for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call here.


If am an online therapist and available via HIPAA-compliant telehealth.

My Philosophy

I believe every single person can benefit from therapy. We all have wounds that need to be healed and look for a place where we can feel safe speaking about what is on our mind. We are all unique; therefore, I believe therapy should be unique and tailored to each individual’s needs. The therapy room is a safe space for you to talk. A place where you can speak your mind and the focus is on you. My aim isn’t to fix you – you aren’t broken; we all struggle.  My hope is that by working together we can help you explore who you truly are. I can guide you on the journey of cultivating self-compassion and strengthening resiliency.

Licensure and Qualifications

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#AMFT112529) in the state of California. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University Long Beach and then continued my education by earning a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. To further my education, I completed a Certificate in Somatic Psychotherapy at Antioch University Santa Barbara. I am also an ADAPT Health Coach, with knowledge of supporting individuals with chronic health issues. I am a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). I have had the opportunity to provide services in various settings including a high school wellness center, outpatient treatment, and residential treatment.

Sabrina Fish is listed at