Dear Teen,

You don’t need fixing – you need someone to fully listen and a place that is for YOU.

  • When the hard times hit, they hit you hard and you are lacking coping skills to get through the lows.
  • When the good times come, they feel fleeting. You are looking to learn how to ride the highs.
  • Life has become a battle between the person you are used to being and the person you truly are.

Together we will explore who you are outside of these roles and labels you have identified with.

The Caretaker

You’re the trusted friend. The one your friends always go to for help because you listen. There’s more to you than being the problem solver, yet somehow you always end up taking care of others. You’re bottling everything up and looking for a way to discover who you truly are – who you are without the burden of taking care of everyone else or being the one who is always “so put together.”

The Outsider

You’ve been alone for so long, you’re “used to it.” It feels like no one understands you and no one even cares to try. Friendships are difficult to keep and somehow you always find yourself being left out. There is no one to talk to about what is going on inside you and for so long you’ve kept it all tucked away, but now the loneliness is becoming hard to handle.

The Dreamer

You live with your head in the clouds – always having a million ideas but you aren’t sure how to reach success. There is so much good inside of you, but you need help accessing it and letting your dreams manifest. You struggle to take action and need guidance living in the present instead of always worrying about the future. The “what-ifs” and anxiety are keeping you stuck in place.

The Uncertain

You are fading into the rush of life. Everyone else has goals, plans, and a roadmap – but you aren’t sure what you want. You feel that there is something more, but you don’t know how to get it. When you think about life after high school, you struggle to imagine what life could be. The people you hang out with, your actions – this doesn’t feel like you but you aren’t sure who you want to be.

The Introvert

You’re the “quiet” girl, the “shy” one. You feel uncomfortable speaking up, yet you have so much to say and share. All of your thoughts and feelings are bottled up inside. Expressing yourself out loud is difficult even though your mind is constantly on high gear, thinking non-stop. You are lost in the shuffle of everyone else and fade into the background unnoticed, but it’s time for that to change.