Young Adults

Dear Young Adult,

Life during and after college is full of huge transitions. Maybe you are having trouble adjusting to college or maybe you recently graduated and you are struggling to move onto the next phase of life. Maybe you aren’t sure what is next. Your friends are moving away and you no longer have built-in social activities such as clubs, sports, and classes. It’s time to make new friends and make more of an effort to stay connected to people, but you are at a loss for how to nurture your social life. Maybe you are having difficulty finding a job or adjusting to a new position. School didn’t prepare you for all of this adulting. This next decade of your life comes with a lot of challenges and unknowns. Everyone has their own timeline for finding a career path, searching for a life partner, getting engaged, and having children – but it can feel like everyone is reaching these milestones except for you. Whether you are single or in a relationship you may be asking – what’s next? You may be wondering – where am I in all of this? How do I want to live my life?

You may be thinking this is the price you pay on the road to adulthood – the endless work sleep cycle with little reward. Why seek therapy if the cycle is a rite of passage? Your life can be more than this cycle and it should be more than this cycle. Adulthood doesn’t have to be a boring routine. You can still find the spark of new beginnings and live the life you envision. You can have strong friendships, exciting adventure, deep love, and live in the moment. Together, we can explore what’s next while still cherishing the moment and creating the life you desire.


In addition to in-person sessions, I offer online therapy (teletherapy / telehealth). Teletherapy can be especially convenient for college students whose primary residence is in California. I understand that school-life balance can be difficult and I aim to offer you a creative solution to prioritize your mental health.